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Foundation Communication Skills

Doing it Better

Locala Community Partnerships got in touch as they were preparing to launch a Single Point of Contact call centre.

Some people were joining Locala specifically for launch and others were already working in the local community.

Locala would be working with an algorithm to service all of their calls but really wanted the teams to have judgement, exceptional communication and rapport skills. Health care calls from in and around the community could cover any aspect of patient and professional care needs and the team had to have the confidence, ownership and empathy needed to adapt to any presenting situation.

Doing it Differently

We spent plenty of time getting to know the vision and plans for the new Single Point of Contact centre. We understood the complexity of variance in calls and the diversity and full range of emotions that would have to be handled, without notice, on any incoming call. This enabled us to truly design an intervention entirely bespoke to Locala.
Our job was to facilitate learning that took the focus away from ‘task’ and more towards their own ability to flex their style in line with context.

Communication at Locala is definitely all about adapting behaviour and one size does not fit all!

People Developers

We designed a one day workshop to cover:

  • signposting
  • call control
  • understanding and recognising customer type
  • objection handling
  • rapport
  • effective questionning
  • conversation versus the ‘system’
  • active listening
  • provide solution

The workshop was entirely interactive and fun with a strong focus on perceptual positions and how to apply our own life experience and emotional intelligence to any situation.
We created a brilliant rapport with the brilliant people at Locala and have since been asked back to support them with other new and exciting things!
Here is just a little of some of the lovely things they had to say about the workshops:

openenjoyable, interactive and not just sitting and listeningclose

openexcellent trainer, brilliant contentclose

openall aspects of the workshop are relevant to my role and skills that I will also use in my personal lifeclose

open100% recommended!close

openfantastic, fun and fascinating workshopclose

openI feel more confident about the job now. I have learned a lot and it was interesting and fun!close

openwholeheartedly recommend. A very enjoyable day (unlike some courses which can be an ordeal)close

openvery relevant to my role, interesting and interactiveclose

openvery useful and gave a lot of context to the calls. Please make it a two day session as we enjoyed it so much! Thank you very muchclose