Everyone is indeed unique, we all work and think in a way that is personal to us.
Gaining an insight into what makes you and others ‘tick’ can be really helpful and eye opening;
discovering how you are perceived by other people and indeed how you perceive others.

MBTI will help you use these insights to understand yourself and other people better, work more
effectively with others and support development to achieve even more.

Just as nobody should ever put baby in a corner (chick flick) we would never put you in a box!
This isn’t labelling of people. It is an understanding and recognition of preferred types.

MBTI is a world famous instrument that looks to determine personality types in a positive and
constructive way and is used extensively by major national and multi national organisations in
all business sectors; in the private, public and third sector.

Opportunities for application are:

  • Developing yourself
    o Problem solving
    o Understanding stress reactions
    o Career development
  • Working with others
    o Working relationships
    o Communication style
    o Resolving conflict
  • Working in teams and organisations
    o Leadership style
    o Managing change
    o Valuing diversity
    o Considering team and organisational culture

Knowing me knowing you (aha) there is something we can do………………..

Our experienced MBTI facilitators take you through the process step by step providing
individual reports, feedback and most importantly, practical applications.

Get in touch now to discuss how we can support you with MBTI and Let’s Talk.